Synergy proudly offers customized gift cards for your business! Gift cards are a “Billboard in a Wallet” and replace paper gift certificates. They are convenient and easy to use. Synergy will help you design and implement a custom gift card program to increase sales, revenues and customer satisfaction. Gift cards are loaded through a terminal or Point of Sale System. Each gift card redemption is deducted from the customer’s pre-paid balance.

Traditional Gift Card Reporting

Merchants have access to a Merchant Portal where they can view gift card data such as: Gift Cards, Redemptions and Outstanding Liability. You will always be able to keep tabs on this important part of your business.

Special Gift Card Reporting

Synergy can track different gift card “Groups” based on the merchant marketing needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Promotional Gift Cards – Gift cards that are pre-loaded with $10.00, $15.00 or $20.00. These promo gift cards can be distributed to hotel concierges, or special VIP guests.
  • B2B Gift Cards – Gift cards that are used to pay for advertising, or printing or any other business expense for the establishment.
  • Fundraising Gift Cards – Non-profit organizations can raise money by selling the merchant’s gift cards. If members purchase the “Fundraising Gift Card,” 20% of the sale amount would be donated to the non-profit group.

Hybrid Gift Card

The customized gift cards can turn into a loyalty cards, which eliminates the need to print two separate cards. Once the gift card has a “$0.00” balance, the sales receipt will print: “Congratulations! You can now start earning rewards. 100 Points = $10.00 Reward.”


Gift Card Pooling

Synergy can manage your gift card pooling for multiple locations. If a gift card is loaded at Location “A” and redeemed at Location “B”, Synergy can track the loads, the redemptions, and pay the respective franchise or business owner. Payments are made via ACH and the end of each month.

Import Existing Gift & Loyalty Cards

Synergy has the ability to import your current gift cards or loyalty cards into our system. Simply provide Synergy the gift card or loyalty data in a spreadsheet and we will import all relevant data such as:

Gift card number, current balance, loyalty number, name, email, birthday, current points balances….

Sell Your Gift Card

Synergy has integrations with Blackhawk Network and Incomm, giving you the opportunity to sell your gift cards through the largest retailers and loyalty program companies in the world.

Gift Card Facts


Gift cards have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists the last 10 years. (from 2007-2016) 61% of gift card holders spend more than the amount of their gift card, and 75% of those who overspend spend 60% more than the value of their card.
Gift cards are the most profitable square foot of selling space at many retail sites. The average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card.
Purchases made with a gift card are between 20% and 50% higher than the average purchase price. 61% of surveyed retailers plan to offer mobile gift cards by 2016.
The most common gift card amount is $25.00 The average amount loaded on a digital gift card is around 10-15% more than a plastic gift card.
Retailers who switch from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards typically see a 50-100% increase in sales. Over $100 Billion is spent on Gift cards annually.
93% of consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually.