Our loyalty platform is designed to help merchants increase visits, increase customer spending, develop a loyalty database so we can initiate target marketing campaigns that are fully managed by Synergy. Our loyalty platform provides loyalty card programs to fit any business.

Sample Reward Programs:

  • Auto Rewards:

    • Customers earn 1 point for every $1.00 they spend. When they accumulate 100 Points they receive a $10.00 Reward.
  • Rebate Rewards:

    • 10% of each purchase is loaded on their account for their next visit.
  • Increasing Discount:

    • The first time the customer uses their loyalty card they receive a 10% discount. If they return to your business within 30 days, they receive a 15% discount, if they return a 3rd time, they receive a 20% discount.
  • Tiered Rewards:

    • 100 Points = Star Car Wash
    • 300 Points = Super Car Wash
    • 500 Points = Stellar Car Wash

The first step in implementing a successful loyalty program is offering it to ALL your customers. There are many ways customers can register:

  • Point of Sale
  • QR Code to Mobile Registration
  • Reward Website
  • Text Message
  • VIP Sign UP Form

After each loyalty transaction, customers receive a “Thank You” email which details their points and rewards. They also have the opportunity to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Customers can earn additional points for completing the survey.  Contact us to learn more!

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Branded Rewards Website

Boost your business with our loyalty platform!Synergy will create a branded rewards website where customers can learn about the rewards program, register for the loyalty program, check their balance, update their profile, view previous transactions and refer their friends.

Dashboard Data

Once customers have registered for the loyalty program and they begin using their loyalty card OR phone number, merchants have access to a Dashboard on their “merchant portal” where they can view all of their loyalty data.

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