Synergy Software / Cloud Computers / Network Capabilities


Synergy World has adopted a Cloud Computing service model, which provides a reliability that significantly distinguishes us from our competitors and offers significant advantages to our clients and card users. By adopting Cloud Computing, we now have the advantages of increased reliability, scalability, flexibility, and security. All are features which are significant advantages over our previous physical computing environment.

Increase Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility and Manageability

Cloud Computing provides a reliable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure to run our applications and services. The Cloud infrastructure also provides increased security for our sensitive client data. While there is no perfect computing solution, Cloud Computing provides us with a solution that is far better than the traditional physical computing infrastructure that we had used previously.

Services are provided from a highly secure data center. Access to the cloud is made through an encrypted connection.
Management services in the Cloud allow us to provide additional monitoring and alerting capabilities, so that we are aware of any issues with our services.
Cloud computing allows us to add additional computing resources as we increase our operational requirements. This can be accomplished without any downtime, which is a significant advantage for us.



Cloud Computing provides us with a highly redundant infrastructure for our applications, services, and data. This gives our clients 24/7 access to our services. This reliability is available because Cloud Servers and Desktops are not hardware dependent. This means that if a physical server goes down, the resources that the physical server was providing will now be provided by another infrastructure server, so that there is virtually zero downtime. This allows us to provide card users and clients with a 99.9% uptime