Learn more about our premium mobile loyalty programs today!Text messaging is a great way to INSTANTLY communicate with your loyal customers. 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes, which makes our mobile loyalty programs a great addition to a Cardless Loyalty Program.

When the merchant enters the customer’s cell phone number into their POS or credit card terminal, the customer will receive a text message welcoming them to the Loyalty Program. They can then tap a link to “Register” for the loyalty program and earn additional points or rewards. This makes it REALLY EASY for customers to register. About 58% of customers will register for the loyalty system through their mobile device.

Once customers have opted in to receive Text Campaigns, Synergy will automatically send Birthday Campaigns, Miss You Campaigns, You Got Cash Campaigns, and Registration Reminder Campaigns each month. Merchants can also log into their Dashboard and send broadcast text messages.

A combination of convenience and excellence makes this one of the most powerful reward programs you can use. Contact us to get started!